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  • Archiving

    This course serves as an introduction to Hornetsecurity's Email Archiving service.

    English, Spanish, German, French
  • Signature & Disclaimer

    This course will give you an overview over our Signature & Disclaimer service.

    English, German, Spanish
  • 365 Permission Manager

    This course serves as an introduction to Hornetsecurity's 365 Permission Manager.

    English, French
  • 365 Total Protection

    This course serves as a short introduction to 365 Total Protection and points you to other course that explain its functionalities in more detail.

    English, German, Spanish
  • 6 modules

    Technical Foundations

    This course introduces some basics of email communication that are relevant when working with our products.

    English, Spanish, German
  • Email Encryption

    Hornetsecurity services are designed to offer the best possible protection for an organization's communication. This of course includes different encryption methods which are industry standards. The

    English, French, Spanish, German
  • 365 Total Backup

    Data loss is a danger that every organization and its users are facing every day. 365 Total Protection is a service specifically created to work with any Office environment and provides any

    English, Spanish, German
  • VM Backup

    This course will give you an overview over the features of VM Backup, show you how to configure VM Backup according to your company's needs and point out what you should keep in mind when working

    English, German, Spanish
  • Advanced Threat Protection

    This training provides an introduction into Hornetsecurity's Advanced Threat Protection service and the technology used within.

    English, German, Spanish
  • 10 modules

    Spam and Malware Protection

    The Spam and Malware Protection service is designed to effectively protect your organisation against threats, spam and other problems or inconviniences you might encounter in your email communication

    English, German
  • Continuity Service

    This course serves as an introduction to Hornetsecurity's Continuity service.

    English, German, Spanish

    This course will give you an overview of the service.

    English, Spanish, German
  • Hornetsecurity API Basics

    This course will give you a brief introduction to the HSE API, show you how to set it up and help you make your first API calls.

    English, German, Spanish
  • Security Awareness Service

    Our Security Awareness Service engine is designed to train your employees' ability to recognize cyber attacks, increasing your chances to avoid their disastrous consequences. Your employees are

    English, German